Company Profile
ARMADA ADH GLOBAL SDN BHD provides a wide range of security services to both corporate and private clients throughout Malaysia.

It is our single-minded purpose and go alto provide the very highest level of protective security services. The clients who regularly place their trust in us is testimony of the total professionalism and dedication of our team. We provide discreet but results orientated services in any field of protection or inquiry.

We are committed to making the name of ARMADA ADH GLOBAL with advanced and dependable security services and private investigation for individuals, businesses and industries across Malaysia.

It is our firm belief that good security and safety are the products of professionally implemented loss prevention and control programmed which has been thoughtful integrate in the overall management of an enterprise and has the support of a well-trained and motivated work force.
Corporate Philosophy
 To improve the method of protection of life   and property from a service to the discipline
 Nurture the growth and promote the evolution of loss prevention and security as an integral part of Malaysian corporate culture
 To satisfy customer needs at all time through services excellent and strive to excel such needs through innovation
Corporate Mission
 To work with Our Client for their long-term benefit
 To constantly research and develop new strategies, technologies and Skills
 To maintain constant communication
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